Terms & Conditions

As a client of Hoofprint Media, you agree to pay for any & all services rendered. Although we are always striving to gain the final approval of clients, invoices are based solely on the completion of either all or a portion of contracted work. How closely we are able to achieve this will vary based on the level of preliminary communication and from project to project.

QuickBooks invoices are provided digitally via email at the completion of a project or portion of a project. Within the invoice email is a list of services rendered, cost and due date.

Payment is to be made within 7 days. Overdue invoices are subject to a price increase of 10% for each week past due.

Down payments are non refundable. Cancellation of a project is always permitable, however the down payment and compensation for any hours of investment to-date would be required.

Hoofprint Media is not liable for any losses faced due to unforeseen circumstance. We are committed to bringing the best service that we can, but things can happen that compromise project completions (website crash, file corruption, etc) and as much as possible should be planned towards by our clients, just incase.

By providing artwork/images/software/etc. to our Hoofprint Media team, you are certifying that it is within you legal right to do so and is without a compromise to standard outlined by the original artist. Should there be any dispute, litigation or initial permissions needing to be purchased or sought after, it will be our client’s responsibility to interface with and personally clear up any issue.

We are proud to work with such wonderful clients and include within our professional portfolio, social media and promotional endeavors.

We welcome all referrals and attribution. Please feel free to reference our company website (ie. Photo Offering by HoofprintMedia.com.)